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Yarram Pool

Yarram, VIC

This ‘Key Hole’ shaped Barrel Vault membrane structure was a design and construct project that incorporated 32 Ziptrak® blinds and 12 fixed clear PVC panels around the perimeter for all year round use.

Project Detail

Our client was looking for an all weather solution to cover and enclose both the lap swimming pool and paddling pool to increase the patronage throughout the year.

The solution we proposed was a large Barrel Vault structure that would take the shape of a “key hole” to cover both pools. The design of the structure enabled the addition of clear PVC Ziptrak® blinds around the perimeter to fully enclose the pool area, when required.

This was one of the biggest projects that we had undertaken, and we had to spend a considerable amount of time in the planning stages to ensure all the pieces came together. The design was managed in house working in conjunction with an external engineer.

There were a number of challenges that presented themselves during the entire project but we were able to overcome all of these with no great difficulty.

> Incorporating Ziptrak® blinds around the perimeter of a curved structure.

> Working during the Covid19 Pandemic (e.g. Covid Shutdowns & additional protocols to implement)

> A leak discovered in the pool, which resulted in an amendment to our original footings design.

> Working over water

Considering the size of the project it was completed with very few issues. The considerable amount of time invested at the design/engineering stages of the project paid dividends in the end.

The most important detail of this project is that it did meet our clients expectations and requirements.

Date Completed: March 2022
Area: Approx. 1,300 sq/m
Fabric: Serge Ferrari - Flexlight 902s2 PVC & Achilles Clear PVC

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