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Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie

Anglesea, Victoria

This cantilever structure was designed to provide sun and rain protection to an existing sand pit area at the Chocolaterie.

Project Detail

The design of this cantilever structure had to take into account the westerly sun aspect. From approximately midday through the afternoon the sand pit area is shaded due to the lower posts on the west side of the structure, whilst still allowing patrons to utilise the morning sun.

Aesthetics were an integral component of this project to blend in with the surrounding modern architecture and colour scheme.

The access to the site for machinery was a challenge with surrounding landscaping completed prior to Shade’n’Sails commencing the project. A majority of the surrounding grassed area was boarded for excavator access.

Date Completed: June 2017
Area: 78sq/m
Fabric: Ferrari 502 PVC

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