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Shade Sails

Shade sails are a modern and stylish alternative for providing protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Product Detail

At Shade ‘n’ Sails we can increase the value of your property whilst providing an attractive, cool and inviting environment for outdoor living. Shade ‘n’ Sails manufacture all of our shade sails in our Ballarat factory thus ensuring they are of the highest quality and all of our sails are custom made to suit your requirements.

Features and Benefits

Choose from mesh or waterproof fabrics
  • Your individual requirements can be met
  • Mesh fabric can provide sun protection
  • Waterproof fabric can provide sun and rain protection
Premium high grade extra heavy duty shade mesh fabric
  • Offers up to 96% UV protection
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation
  • Minimal stretch over time
Premium quality waterproof PVC fabric
  • Blocks out 100% of UV rays
  • 10-20 year manufacturers limited warranty
  • 100% Recyclable  (Texyloop process)
  • High frequency welded fabric for strength & durability
Custom made
  • Manufactured to suit your individual area and requirements
Sewing using UV stabilised thread
  • Longer life expectancy
Seams (where required) are interlocked and double stitched
  • Greater strength for your sail
  • Longer life expectancy
Stainless steel hardware
  • Fixing hardware will not rust and bind up
  • Quality that lasts
Posts and brackets can be left galvanised or powder coated
  • Compliments your existing décor
Large range of colours
  • Compliments your existing décor

Our Network

Shade n Sails have a network of approved agents right across Australia so you can be sure to enjoy our quality service wherever you are.

Looking for an off-the-shelf solution?

Visit our online store at directshadesails.com.au