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Tension Membrane Structures

Waterproof shade structures or tensile membranes are used for all types of applications, due to the versatility of the fabrics and your imagination!

Product Detail

Shade ‘n’ Sails can creatively design and engineer a structure to suit your requirements. Shade ‘n’ Sails are at the leading edge of design, fabrication and installation of tension membrane structures worldwide.  State of the art fabrics are transformed by Shade ‘n’ Sails into innovative and practical solutions for our Australian and International customers.  These fabrics include PVC, PVDF coated PVC, Teflon coated PVC, perforated PVC and HDPE knitted shadecloth.

Many projects have been completed in countries including USA, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Indonesia, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, just to name a few. Shade ‘n’ Sails can provide complete design and construction services including 3D rendered conceptual designs of your project so you and your client can see exactly what they will be receiving.  From the drawings we then extrapolate steelwork shop drawings and fabric cutting patterns.  All steelwork is hot dip galvanised with the option of powdercoating, with a large range of colours to choose from.  Stainless steel or galvanised fittings are used to compliment each structure.

Shade ‘n’ Sails are more than capable of designing, creating and installing your solution whether it be protection from sun, rain, hail or wind.

Our Network

Shade n Sails have a network of approved agents right across Australia so you can be sure to enjoy our quality service wherever you are.

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