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Lord Somers Camp Amphitheatre

Somers, Victoria

The Twin Conic style membrane structure was designed and manufactured to meet the client's need for a weatherproof solution for their amphitheatre area.

Project Detail

Our client was looking for a structure that could provide both sun and shade protection to camp patrons utilising their seating and stage area, without impacting the audiences view. Working together with our engineer and client we came up with this design which was able to meet all the criteria.

We were then faced with the challenges of digging the footings with the close proximity to the coast, the sandy soil and the limited access for machinery.

Once footings were completed and shop drawings were produced the installation of the steel frame work went as scheduled.

It was great to see a project of this size completed to both our own high expectations and also to our clients expectations.

Date Completed: June 2015
Area: 430sq/m
Fabric: Ferrari 802s2 PVDF

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