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Shade ‘N’ Sail has a solution for just about every shade or coverage requirement. We can customise our products to fit your needs, creating attractive and functional shade solutions.

The Shade ‘N’ Sails team has extensive project experience- from designing and installing the PVDF tension membrane over the seal enclosure at the Melbourne Zoo, to creating a mesh shade structure for St Mary’s primary school in Echuca. No job is too big or too small! Many projects have been completed in countries including USA, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Indonesia, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, just to name a few. The team can help you decide whether you need a sail, shade structure or tension membrane.  Shade ‘n’ Sails can provide complete design and construction services including 3D rendered conceptual designs of your project so you can see exactly how the end product will look.

Our Network

Shade n Sails have a network of approved agents right across Australia so you can be sure to enjoy our quality service wherever you are.

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