Sunblinds and Awnings

Shade ‘n’ Sails’ sunblinds and awnings are custom made to your requirements and come in a range of designs, shapes, sizes and operation to suit your needs, with a full choice of fabrics and colours.

Sunblinds and awnings not only provide instant cooling features inside, but also provide protection from harmful UV rays that can deteriorate drapes, furnishings, carpets and timber flooring.

Our blinds can be operated in several ways:

  • pull stick
  • crank handle & gearbox
  • rope & pulley
  • electric motor
  • sun & wind sensors

Fabric Features

Poly-Cotton Canvas:

  • Opaque, green backed canvas
  • Full UV protection
  • Mildew and UV treated
  • Large selection of plains and striped patterns

 Acrylic Fabric:

  • Translucent woven fabric
  • Mildew and UV treated
  • Full UV protection
  • Large selection of fashionable colours

Screen Fabric:

  • Transparent PVC coated polyester
  • Mildew and UV treated
  • 90% UV protection
  • Large selection of stripes and plains

We can assist you in choosing the most practical application for your area.  With various traditional or acrylic canvas, and shade screen fabrics available for shading and UV protection the choices are endless.

Different Types of External Protection

Automatic Sunblind:

  • This would be the most common design
  • Covers the whole window area
  • Operated by guides allowing for easy adjustment
  • Can be stopped at any position over the entire drop of the window


Fixed Guide Sunblind:

  • Most suited for upstairs or multi-level applications
  • Covers whole window area
  • Operated by guide bars permanently fixed
  • Can be either internal or external operation by either rope & pulley, gearbox and crank handle or motorised

Straight Drop Blind:

  • Also known as verandah blinds
  • Blind is operated with a spring roller
  • Does not have side guides
  • Blind cannot be stopped at mid points, must be fully up or down


Wire Guide Awnings:

  • Gearbox and crank handle operation or motorised
  • Side guide rails are replaced with wire for a modern look
  • Blind has a modern tear drop shaped bottom rail